What’s going wonderfully…

Wow… there’s a significant and growing number of wonderful surprises to be discovered, here’s a small sample…

  • The cost and quality of living is unbelievable, you can truly live a very comfortable life for far less than $40,000 year
  • Healthcare — dropped into the local expat hospital (for a simple Twinrix booster shot) and it was world class care — btw, when was the last time your hospital offered a special discount promotion for a complete annual medical checkup ($50 vs. $75)?
  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you probably don’t need it — the place is fully stocked with the most fabulous food, treats and the things that make life wonderful
  • This is the land of smiles, you’ll discover that having one will take you a long way (and make you feel better too)
  • Finding that perfect balance between new and old, slow and slower, inch by day getting leaner and feeling warmer
  • Getting along nicely with a small car and motorcycle, but a bike gets you almost everywhere you need to be
  • Listening to new music, reading a book, watching a movie, cooking up a BBQ, outdoor showers and swimming pools — feeling better
  • Realizing that a nice piece of shade is almost as refreshing as a cold sip of water
  • Getting accustom to barefeet and sandals (24/7)