What we’re learning…

Surprise… constantly seem to be stepping into all kinds of kaka and making a real mess of things, here’s a small sample…

  • Assuming most locals (store keepers, taxi drivers, etc) speak english, they generally do not
  • Assuming we can speak the local dialect, we cannot, as yet (notwithstanding our heartfelt “hello” and “thank-you” that somehow always seems to make the locals smile or laugh)
  • Thinking you always have to be doing something — its ok to take 5 minutes, relax and enjoy a coffee, song or the world passing by…
  • Expecting drivers to follow posted traffic signs or laws, they’re mostly optional
  • There’s pretty much two types of drivers for hire, the kind who takes it slow and easy, relax, no worries, we’ll all get there… expect to get the other kind’
  • Thinking you can get up (or stay up) late in the day, sunrise and sunset is at 6 am/pm everyday (if you forget, the roosters, dogs and song birds will be glad to remind you)
  • Paying more than $25/month for my cell phone, going to downsize to the all-you-can-eat $13/month plan
  • Doing laundry, you can get it all done (wonderfully) for pennies on the pound — not that you need that many clothes 🙂
  • Forgetting to leave a little food on my plate (except rice) — finishing everything typically indicates you’re still hungry (which is often the case) — and I have to stop licking my fingers
  • Thinking you can actually cook up a local dish, you can try but its never as good as the $1 blue plate special from almost any street vendor